“I love you, i love you, i love you! I am looking at the pics for the second time and have been bawling my eyes  out!  they are absolutely stunning and i am so happy that you did this for
us!!!!!!!!!!  You captured us so well and i thank you so much!”

“I believe in you and your works so much. You are one in a million and mean a ton to our little family.”

-Carrie Broughton

“The pictures are just absolutely awesome, both Tina and I get teary looking at these pictures.
Thank-you for capturing our family, you do a great job, as always!!!

Thank-you so much again.  We’ve had such great feedback from the Christmas photo,
and we keep singing your praises.”

-Kimmo & Tina & Boys

“We love them all!!!!!!  I can’t believe you are making us choose between 460 shots.  They are all so fantastic. Truly amazing – that is why we keep coming back to you, year after year.  You make our girls dazzle!!! Thanks again!!!”

-Tasha Madison

“We’ve had Julie photograph our family 3 times in the past 6 years and we’ll certainly be back in the future. Our kids love being photographed by her and the results are always amazing. She provides a unique blend of talents as a skilled photographer who is absolutely fantastic with children and adults alike. She always manages to capture a great series of photos of our family and goes above and beyond, often spending extra time with us to get more great shots. As our children grow, we can’t imagine capturing those moments with anyone other than Julie – we look forward to working with her for years to come.”

– Nick Zubacs & Erin Stoik 

(with Ava, Marlo and Sebastian)

“Thank you Julie for photographing the very special moments of all 3 of my children. Time flew by so quickly since you first took photos of my son in 2008, then my daughter in 2010, and now my second daughter in 2012. I love how you were able to grab my children’s attention and immediately bring out their wonderful smiles. As I look back, I’m in absolute awe of the photos you’ve taken. Children grow so fast and I’m so blessed to have found a photographer that is as patient, friendly, funny and talented as you are to capture those beautiful moments. Your art is truly a special gift. I look forward to do work with you again!”


“I have trusted Bambinos to take baby photos of both my children. The first time you took my daughter’s photos at a Movies for Mommies event, I was immediately impressed with your baby whispering skills. Thank you Julie for the beautiful pictures!”

-Tania Walsh

“Ok these photos are fantastic, how can I possibly place an order, I want them all…time to sell the house.”


“Are you kidding me???????? They are all so beautiful!!!!! You are truly amazingly talented. Truly. “

“Hi Julie,Thanks so much for those gorgeous pictures you took for Michael! We love them so much!!! It is really hard to decise which ones to purchase as they are all great!”

-Shelley Tang


“Hi Julie – I LOVE the photos you took of my baby at the Mommy Movies and I am so impressed by the exceptionally quick service. Thanks again!”

-Shannon Thrussell Haines

Thanks for the great photo shoot! You really are a baby whisperer!”


“The photos are fantastic! I can’t believe you were able to capture so many great shots when Adam was not the most cooperative but I guess that is what makes you such a pro!”

-Jen Landry